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Subject: Brutal Trucker Sex #14Sgt. Carter harshly tore me from the desk top and half carried half dragged
me to the office door. As I painfully tried to stand I realized just how
much damage Mr. Spignotti had inflicted on my butt. I felt a slick liquid
running down the inside of my trembling legs even with the condom he wore.
This must have been my own pussy juices, secreted to protect my delicate
internal lining from more devastating injury. Just standing up caused an
incredible tingle around my pussy lips. In spite of all that pounding, the
"bitch gel" from Sgt. Carter's friend at the zoo was still broadcasting my
continued need to be fucked. Every step sent a shiver down my spin as wave
after wave of pleasure pulsed from my super sensitive pussy hole directly
to my brain. I would walk a single step and instinctively thrust my hips
backwards. Each step sent thrills through my body as internal convulsions
and spasms coursed up and down my anal canal. My cock, no longer under the
dominion of Mr. Spignotti, sprang to tasteful nude preteens
life instantly; achieving a healthy
thick seven inches and dripping maxwell preteen mode precum onto my swinging balls with each
step. I must have looked ridiculous, like some kind of string puppet; torn
between the demands of the strong black man forcing me towards the office
door and the needs of my cunt to repeatedly be pounded into hamburger by
hard trucker cock.As Sgt. Carter threw the door open wide I was faced with a sea of intense,
urgently horny, grimy and sweaty unshaven trucker nasty preteen nymphets faces. There was almost
universal focus on my red painted tits and face and pussy lips as
Sgt. Carter hesitated for a moment letting the tormented truckers, who had
watched the entire evening's festivities, anguish a bit longer. He enjoyed
displaying the power his position held over the men; that their pleasure
was controlled by his strong will. Sgt. Carter made me stand straight (no
easy task after the events of the evening so far) and slowly turn around so
the men could get a good eyeful. I was on display but their hard cocks and
dripping precum told me they weren't here for a show. Each one wanted to
gets their rocks off now or sooner if possible. Every face went between my
sweat covered body and Sgt. Carter's stern face; silently begging him to
toss me their way. Every type of trucker was in the crowd; tall men, short
men, thin and fat men, truckers with hairy or smooth bodies. There were
muscular truckers, bald truckers, truckers with long hair, beards, goatees
or moustaches, old and young, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic truckers.
The room was full of every kind of man you could imagine and they all had
one very obvious thing in common. young preteen hard
From between each pair of legs jutted a
hard cock begging for relief.Sgt. Carter lingered there surveying the crowd deciding who would get first
crack at me. Suddenly I was flung about a third of the way to the right of
center, directly into the outstretched arms of Madd-dog. I hadn't seen him
in the crowd but he definitely saw me. I don't think it was a coincidence
that Sgt. Carter, a proud strong black man, chose another strong black
trucker to enjoy my holes first. A broad smile spread immediately across
Madd-dog's face as he spat out, "Welcome home fucker. I sure been missing
that pretty pink pussy o'yours. You got my big ole black meat just itching
to tear you a new fuckin hole, right here in this sea of hard drippin
trucker cock. Shit men, a fuckin third hole would sure as shit speed the
process, cha think?" to guttural laughter all around me. Quickly I was
turned around and bent over at the waist. Madd-dog viscously inserted his
thick, greasy and calloused middle finger inside me in a single swift
shove; like the way one would flip the bird at someone who pissed you off.
My internal lining was so sensitive from Mr. Spignotti's relentless
pounding that my raw nerve endings were firing little sparks inside me. In
this super sensitive state I could feel every wrinkle and crevice of
Madd-dog's finger. My lining clung so tightly to his inserted finger I
could feel the cuticle of his finger nasty preteen nymphets nail and every knuckle. Thanks to
Mr. Spignotti's relentless pounding I was going to feel every detail of
every cock inside me tonight. I was going to feel every vein on Madd-dog's
massive cock and my dick twitched at the thought as my pussy convulsed
madly on his finger. Madd-dog sighed and said simply, "AHH tasteful nude preteens
FUCK that pussy
feels good. Very nice of Mr. Spignotti to sensitize the bitch without
sliming it up with his spooge, man. Shit this bitch is fuckin dancing all
over my finger guys. God damned slut is in heat for my finger, bettcha the
bitch will go crazy for a slab of Madd-dog meat, wouldn't you sweetheart?
Hungry for pre teen girlsmodel my cock Bitch?" he snarled as he twisted my head around staring
intently into my face. Suddenly George Kincaid was at our side saying,
"Don't take all day, fucker. Shit or get off the fuckin pot! We only got
a few oriental preteens nude minutes and my balls are fuckin bursting from watching that god
damned show all night." Madd-dog angrily spat back at George, "Fuck you
man. Fuck that hairy white asshole of yours" as snickers went around the
room at that image.With his middle finger still crammed inside me to the third knuckle hot preteens images I felt
the humungous slick black head of Madd-dog's cock pressing against my
sensitized pussy opening. The sensations were incredible as my hips
instinctively thrust backward trying to impale myself on the black pole
behind me. Madd-dog used his middle finger to keep me off his raging hard
cock temporarily as I started to beg him for his cock. I blurted out,
"Please Madd-dog, please fuck me. I need it man. I need your beautiful
hard cock bad man. Pound me with it, please. Please fuck my..." was all I
got out.Suddenly a second black trucker, who I didn't know at the time but later
found out was called Bouncer, sprang to the fore as my head was snapped
downward by the strong arms of Madd-dog. My words bikini models preteens
were crammed back down
my throat along with the hard black cock of Bouncer. Simultaneously I was
plugged with black cock in my throat and my cunt; balls deep for each. My
red painted pussy lips stretched wide as Madd-dog used his inserted finger
as a guide for his hard cock as the black monster was brutally shoved
alongside his finger. You could almost hear the sounds of each black cock
ripping into my battered body as a collective sigh of relief went out of
every man there. The horny truckers at both preteen boys bondage ends wasted no time as they
immediately set to work of relieving their pent up ball juices. This was
not the time for pretty words or foreplay. They had one thing on their
minds, dumping their hot slimy ball juice into my hot slick holes as
quickly as possible. Clearly I had a job to do and I single mindedly set
to the task.I heard Sgt. Carter call out from the door, "You fuckin bastards got thirty
minutes of bitch time. Don't fuckin waste it and share nice, ya hear? And
don't forget, Mr. Spignotti still wants to teach the cunt a lesson so don't
spare the rod" as a chuckle escaped his lips apparently he was the only one
besides preteen girl pregnant
myself who got his little joke. There was no need for
encouragement; these black truckers were slamming their cocks in and out at
furious speed, building to a steady crescendo almost immediately. The
malevolent sounds of skin smacking painfully upon skin echoed throughout
the high ceiling, open space of the ware house. It almost sounded like a
boxing match as viscous wallops were met with grunts, rumbles and groans.First to explode was Bouncer as his cock swelled, twitched and started
spewing slimy trucker cum right down my throat. No games about tasting it
or watching it slide down my throat. This bastard was out to get his nut,
no fanfare or trumpets, just good "ole red, white and blue all `merican
throatin'" as they say. Bouncer kept his cock buried to the hilt as he
pumped his balls dry and even before he was completely done I felt his cock
ripped from my mouth like someone was jerking him free. The last spurts
from his black cock landed on my chin, sliding to the floor with a SPLUNK
sound.In the few seconds I had with a free throat and a clear view I looked up
and saw Sgt. Carter standing in the doorway unmoved. He had a broad smile
on his face, an evil gleam in his eyes and most fearsome of all, that
terrifying black "Pussy Pounder" was fully hard again and drippin to beat
the band. Shit that sadistic bastard had brutally throat fucked two me
times already and it looked like he could do it again. Damn the stud was a
fucking machine a god damned fucking machine.Bouncer was replaced by George's now familiar cock. It was obvious he was
desperate to drain his balls as he immediately picked up Bouncer's pace.
George's hairy low hanging balls swung wildly smacking me mercilessly
around my chin and cheeks. The next trucker to nut was Madd-dog. All it
seemed to take was the sight of George's cock forcing my red lips apart for
Madd-dog to start into his rut frenzy culminating in my first load of
trucker cum in my butt of the night. Madd-dog too was yanked free before
completely finished as I felt his cum preteen 9yo bbs
drizzle out my hole and down my blond
peach fuzzed balls. His cock was immediately replaced by another cock and
the thrusting and pounding resumed. In this fashion I must have drained
about ten sets of cms pre teen hairy trucker balls when I heard Sgt. Carter's booming
sing song baritone declare, "Fifteen minutes left fuckers. No time for fun
and games. Fuck the bitch and move the fuck out of the way". God I didn't
know how I'd be able to relieve all these truckers and it didn't help that
the first shift warehouse crews were punching in; attracted by the
unmistakable sounds of nut-bustin nut-ruttin fucking taking place just preteen models nudest
front of the Shift supervisor's office.The truckers were as desperate as me to get their nut and a kind of
altruism descended upon these typically fiercely independent hardened
individualists. Guys who were waiting on line or who already black preteen cp has drained
their own balls were giving handjobs to those waiting for service. This
way the men were right on the verge of cuming so a minimum of fuss and muss
were required to dump their hot slimy ball loads in my holes. Essentially,
one trucker would finish shooting his load of slimy goo inside me and the
next immediately took his place. We became a well oiled fuck-machine with
the sole objective of getting as much trucker slime inside me in the
limited time allotted. You sure as shit can't argue with these
aspirations; a fuckin good game plan as far as I was concerned. Not that I
could argue much of anything with my mouth constantly full of trucker cock
and oozing trucker cum. This total efficiency continued for a few more
minutes when Sgt. Carter bellowed, preteen 12yo orgasm
"Five fuckin minutes scum. You got five
minutes to nut and the bitch goes away. It's now or never, fuckers. Now
or fuckin never!" as cruel sadistic laughter roared from him.Well as you can probably imagine all hell broke loose with this latest
announcement. Truckers were so desperate they were talking their buddies
into giving them blow jobs or jerking them off. No one was immune, not
even those who were dicking me at the moment. There were several strong
virile truckers who roared in anger as their own asses were stuffed with
fellow trucker cock preteen girl pregnant
while vulnerably bent over me pounding my flat preteen sex own preteen photo bbs ass. Now
as you can imagine, these were all totally straight truckers with wives and
maybe girlfriends waiting at home. They were only using my holes as a way
to get preteen boys bondage
off and drain their balls on the long absences while on the road.
They probably didn't even think of dicking me as cheating since I was
nothing but a slimy hole to drop their load into before hitting the road.
I was taken completely by the idea that one trucker would fuck another but
the dynamics of the situation had changed. Guys were desperate young preteen hard for relief
and willing to plug any hole available. This sure did make the fucker
inside modeling preteen photos my cunt shoot sooner, the pounding on his prostate gland set him off
faster than a whole series of punch fucks to my hole and with a hell of a
lot more force behind each shot. Once he preteen penis gallery started shooting he'd be
viscously ripped free to make room for the next. In the five minutes that
remained it became a joint effort as all truckers helped relieve preteen nudist beaches
pressure for preteens nudist free
other truckers. The sounds, sights and smells were amazing as
cocks exploded one after another. Shit, you could cut the testosterone
with a fuckin knife.Despite all this, only about three quarters of the hard cocks got their
desired relief before Sarge bellowed for the final time of the evening,
"Times up shitheads. Bitch time is over. Show starts again tonight at
eleven. Third shift is now over!" With that Sgt. Carter reached down amature nude preteens
the pile of about six or seven truckers, all humping furiously into and
onto preteen russian fucking me and each other in a last desperate attempt at relief. He simply
grabbed my hair and lifted me from under the thrashing truckers as spooge
and slime oozed from each of my holes. My pink rose panties were drenched
in trucker spunk. Sgt. Carter then threw me my lavender overalls and
marched me slowly under Army cadence through the warehouse, front office
and back to my own shed. I was not given the chance to clean up or even
put on any clothes. I was completely embarrassed and humiliated as every
employee of Spignotti and Sons Distribution Center saw for themselves the
new warehouse bitch. By the smirks and bulges I saw on the many hunky
employees I knew I'd be servicing both the truckers who delivered to the
third shift and the early office arrivals for the workday. When I saw my
reflection in a glass plate window I saw I made quite an impression, with
my red lips and tits, pink rose panties, ruffled blond hair and being
coated from head to toe in trucker spooge. My unsteady, slightly bent over
gait surely confirmed my activities of the evening.I was marched past warehouse workers in overalls, truckers in jeans and
flannel, front office secretaries all prim and proper and front office
executives and salesmen in fine executive suits and ties. Sarge even
created a brand new marching song just for me as his strong clear army sing
song voice sang out,"This morning I be diggin ditch. `fore that I be dickin bitch. Sound off,
one two! Sound off three four!" as laughter erupted from his strong black
face.Sarge made me repeat these nasty preteen nymphets humiliating rhymes as I was ceremoniously
marched back to my private shed. Each staff person at Spignotti and Sons
saw me as a perverted slut who lived for nothing more than servicing hard
trucker cock. It was then I realized that Mr. Spignotti was a business
genius, not only was he going to have a full third shift of trucker clients
to hide whatever "special delivery merchandise with the South American
connection" was discussed under the table of the board room; he was
guaranteeing maximum work hours and efficiency from his loyal crew of the
first shift and office staff as well. I was being used for more than just
a fuck hole by Mr. Spignotti; I was lining his pockets (in some way still
unclear to me) as well as draining his hairy low hanging Italian balls.By the end of my embarrassing "bitch march" back to my shed I was broken
and humiliated, having endured the most degrading experiences; publicly
exposed for all to see. Surprisingly my dick stayed hard throughout the
entire march as if it was proud of the trucker's pussy bitch I'd become.
Sgt. Carter whipped open the door, threw me roughly inside the shed and
warned ominously, "Remember slut, Mr. Spignotti plans on continuing his
lesson tonight. I've seen that sadistic bastard at the Trove work over
three guys at once. Shit, you're fuckin in for quite an exciting time on
tonight's shift. A god damned fuckin exciting time tonight. Shit" he
sighed mightily, stroking his thick black cock while staring me directly in
the eyes, "I might just have to give the recruits back on base a break from
my pestering today. Give ole Pounder a chance to save up for tonight. Naw"
he declared with certainty, "take more than one fuckin bitch hole to drain
these god-damned battle hardened ole army issued balls; more than one
fuckin bitch hole.." he howled, zipping his cock away inside his uniform
and closing and to my surprise locking the door behind him.End of Chapter #14, End of my first day of the job at Spignotti and Sons.
Write me if you're enjoying the story so far atdanhol900aol.comI enjoy getting emails, knowing others are enjoying the story is what keeps
me writing.
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